Never Give Up

Behold the masterpiece,

The work of art,

The result of blood, sweat and tears.

Behold the black beauty,

Splendidly crafted,

Beautifully written,

With a spellbinding narrative.

Behold the golden grail,

A sense of wonder,

The magnum opus ‘Nocturnal Hours’ poetry book,

Written in the nocturnal hours of countless nights.

This is the part where I say ‘I did it’, the part where I proudly inspect my work with sheer delight and pat myself on the back for not giving up, for believing in myself and for not permitting negative thoughts to intrude and hold me captive. I didn’t allow pessimism contaminate my optimism. I blocked the voices that obstructed my vision and eyed the trophy with a clear focus. Nocturnal Hours poetry book is the result of visceral conviction and unflinching determination.

The journey was undoubtedly long and arduous with many impediments and obstacles,  but the destination was truly rewarding. The moment I caught sight of my printed book, I was profoundly ecstatic and utterly euphoric. I realised that when when you have a dream, chase it, go after it and never give up. There would be failures with multiple bruises, but the wounds would transform into something beautiful and more iconic.

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