The Fluid Mind

Our arcane planet, our ancestral home, the spherical mystery, in the magnificent macrocosm cradles abstract places that narrate the stories of a lifetime. These figmental towns and concocted tales survived droughts and calamities to walk the earth with peculiar yet conventional pride.

Crawling like a whisper through the epoch of time, these stories inspired the denizens of the orbicular globe with rich accounts of love and hatred, happiness and heartaches, and of peace and war. With the magical power to transform lives and paint a vivid picture, these gripping folklore can make you time-travel to surreal lands and faery realms. 

Reliving the bygone era in the mind’s eye by sketching each character with distinctive frills from the imagination, you become the superhero, the saviour, the protagonist in the story, slaying a mighty dragon to rescue the trapped princess. Or you may become the antagonist, the wanted rebel and the outlawed felon. You can break the shackles of time and rewrite the story a million times. Inanimate objects like a secret dagger, or breathing objects like a poisoned ivy, can change the course of the story.

The twists and plots all exist in my head and they keep changing to form a new story, to trigger new desire and to leave a mark in the sands of time. They flow in my veins to eavesdrop on the murmurs of the heart. 

This is the beauty of the versatility of the mind, it saps, it flows, like a fluid poured out to vaporise in thin air. 

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