Adieu, 2019. Welcome 2020.

2019! Thou sure left a mark in the archives of times. Thy sheer unpredictability, manifold wonders and poetical inspiration would surely be remembered.

Oh, how can I forget the pleasant surprises and cackling laughter, the wonderful days and benumbed senses and the tower moments and Mercury retrogrades? The list is endless.

My resolute determination and vivid dream paved the way to inevitable success. Nocturnal Hours poetry book didn’t just happen. I spent days filling the wastebasket with crumpled sheets and creased papers. With brave defiance, I dodged the bullets of ridicule and criticism which only hit the conservative critics by a ricochet. Cheers and hoots.

Oh, how can we reach the climax of the story without pain and sufferings? Destiny has the mandate to plant piercing thorns in the path of life. A heartache in 2019 was predestined. My dear father, my first love, my strong man became the brightest star of the dark sky. His demise was an irrevocable loss. No matter what I do and where I go, he wouldn’t return. But I know he looks at me with pride brimming in his eyes. And every day I pray to the Almighty to have mercy on his soul.

Out of all the years that went by, I would surely say that 2019 taught me a great deal. Befriend those in whose hearts you’ll find a minuscule of humanity. Hold on to well-wishers. Let go of manipulative opportunists who disappear at times of dire need. Rid yourself the weighty responsibility of nurturing toxic relationships and sever unhealthy habits and ways. Forget the unwanted episodes and flush down the pessimism that holds you back.

Stand on the pedestal of self-acknowledgement and flaunt your bruises like a victorious soldier. Nourish your mind with positive ideas and inhale the optimism so that you may grow. End 2019 with a smile and embrace the opportunities and challenges of 2020.

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