Piazza Navona 

Piazza Navona in Rome.
Piazza Navona in Rome

Rome, the ancient and eternal city, is home to spectacular monuments, beautiful pillars, gorgeous fountains, architectural churches, open piazzas and splendid sculptures. ‘Piazza’ translates to ‘Square’ in English, and amongst the numerous piazzas, the Piazza Navona is a recreational wonder. It’s one of the top ten places to visit in Rome. It’s precisely magical, festive and vivacious. The constant hustle and bustle, flock of visitors, tourist-filled benches, globe-trotting individuals, and noisy children contribute to the convivial atmosphere. The boisterous laughter and constant chitter-chatter are hard to miss. The blend of urban vibrancy with ancient baroque architecture is what makes the Piazza so distinct. Interestingly, Piazza Navona was featured in the movie, Angels and Demons, based on Dan Brown’s bestselling book. The best time to visit Rome and the Piazza Navona would be Spring and Fall.

Fountain of Neptune in Piazza Navona

Once the site for festivals and sporting events, this open square was formerly known as the ‘Stadium of Domitian’. Today, it’s lined by an array of delectable cafes and bustling restaurants. And, what’s more, is the three awe-inspiring fountains that ceremoniously welcome every sightseer and vacationer.

The ‘La Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi’, also known as Fountain of the Four Rivers, is the majestic baroque fountain that occupies an ideal central position with a soaring obelisk. The other two fountains named ‘Fountain of Neptune’ and ‘Fontana del Moro’ comfortably sit on each side of the square. If you’re in Rome, you’ll definitely stumble across this exhilarating medieval point of junction. With the ‘Sant-Agnese in Agone Church’ backdrop, this destination is Rome’s most sought-after hotspot. 

Fountain of the Four Rivers

There are several ways to get to the Piazza. The Hop-on hop-off tour buses are the best. For a five hour trip, it costs around €16. It’s highly cost-effective as you get to see more and plan your visit to each landmark destination. Unfortunately, there is no subway station near it. The closest is the Barberini station, which is approximately 25 minutes away. However, it’s a five-minute walk from the Pantheon.

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