Innsbruck Austria- A Jewel in the Alps

At the top of Innsbruck, Austria.


View from the Top of Innsbruck in Austria

Far in the spectacular mountains and tucked in the Alps, there is heaven’s hideaway in the small city of Innsbruck. Deriving its name from the ‘Inn River’ with a bridge ‘Brücke’ crossing over, this city in western Austria is flocked with tourists all year round. Its strategic location makes it convenient to start a Euro trip, bordered by eight countries, i.e., Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia and Hungary. All year-round, the weather is cold and pleasant. Innsbruck tourism is popular in Europe, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best travel destinations in the world.

At the Top of Innsbruck in Austria

In the summers, the temperature reaches around 24 degrees Celcius. Expect light to medium showers throughout the day. This city combines culture, tradition, leisure, food and entertainment. What’s great is that Zaha Hadid designed the Hungerburgbahn– a hybrid funicular railway. Moreover, in 1964, Innsbruck hosted the Olympic Winter Games.

A train ride from the top of the mountain to Hungerburgbahn Station.

A train ride from Davos, Switzerland, or Bavaria, Germany, would lead you to the gateway of paradise, i.e., to Innsbruck. The snow-capped mountains with meandering rivers and placid waters would leave you utterly mesmerised. By careful scrutiny, you might even spot the trotting deers and hopping rabbits in the Eden-green trees and mossy rocks. The swirls of mist frolicking the jagged stones that hem the halo-white mountains and the dragonfly-blue river make the scenery stand out. You are instinctively drawn to the picturesque beauty and earthy cologne oozing from the mountains and the trees. Where ever you go, you’ll always be able to spot mountain peaks from any street or alley.

A row of colourful houses in Innsbruck

Amongst many things, Innsbruck is the ideal destination to unwind and relax. It’s the perfect summer and winter getaway. Tourists and visitors would never get bored in this serene city. You can amble through the ‘Altstadt’, old town or go hiking in the mountains; the options are many. In the summers, people go hiking, whereas, in the winters, skiing becomes a popular sport. You can get to the top of Innsbruck, into the mountains and the cable cars via the Hungerburgbahn Station. The total cost per person for the round trip would be around €40. But it’s worth the ride. Everything seems surreal at the top. The Golden Roof Museum towards the Nordkette mountains is a must-see building. There are ‘Walks to explore’, i.e., seven thematic walks from which you can explore the city. Mountaineers and bikers can explore the mountains and hills via a dedicated Cycle-Path. This allows sightseeing via the beaten tracks.

Sauntering through the Altstadt with a mouth-watering gelato

The hotel costs are always above €100, and the services are exceptional. From Marriot to Ibis, the options are many. You can plan before time and organise your trip based on the attractions you are willing to see. I would recommend the sightseer buses (Stadtrundfahrt) and public transport if you want to discover the city. The ‘Welcome package’ is also ideal if you’re willing to learn and explore more. Expect regular downpours, so it’s best to carry an umbrella.

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