The Rhine River Valley – German Romanticism

The Rhine River Valley is home to poetic landscapes and enchanted castles, titled UNESCO World Heritage Site. Their feng shui perfection and utopian beauty would lull you and is wondrous to behold. At one side, you’ll see several lonely yet majestic castles perched at the apex of lush hills, with antiquated buildings and timbered homes hemming the river and the grizzly hills. Whilst at the other end, expansive vineyards and paradise-green fields gingerly kiss the infinite horizon. You might even spot an iridescent rainbow with tufty clouds floating above the castles – Schlösser (in German) or sloshing trouts in the murmuring river. Thus, the gorge has soul-swelling beauty and numerous fortresses and castles. Famous romantic artists and painters like JMW Turner expressed the beauty and romanticism of the Rhine in their work.


A lonely castle perched on a hill near the Rhine River in Germany.
The Rhine River in Düsseldorf

The Rhine River 

The Rhine River (the Rhine in France and Rijn in the Netherlands) is one of the oldest and second-largest rivers of Europe, after the Danube River. Starting its course from the Swiss Canton of the Grisons, passing through Germany and emptying into the Netherlands and the North Sea, this 765 miles long river is culturally and historically significant. The river flows through six countries, i.e., Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. 

The river’s winding course and spectacular waterways bank several destinations and major cities like Basel (Switzerland), Düsseldorf, Cologne, Strasbourg, Koblenz, Mainz, Ludwigshafen, Leverkusen, Rudesheim and much more. The middle Rhine area held great significance to the Romans, and today Roman architecture, artistry and craftsmanship still prevail. 


A village on the Rhine River in Germany.

In the past, the Rhine was used as a water transport system for small, valuable goods, but in recent times, the number of goods transported has increased. So today, tourists begin evocative voyages and leisurely cruises to experience, explore, and narrate the Rhine River Valley stories. Also, people often go there for adventurous hiking and authentic gastronomy and wine.

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