Venice Beckons


When I stepped out of the Venice Santa Lucia train station, the first view was breathtaking. The slumbering Grand Canal, the green dome of the San Simeone Piccolo church and the magnificent Rialto Bridge basked beautifully in the Venetian sun. Instantly, I quaffed the salty air and succumbed to the poetic romanticism that lingered and captured my every breath. I was drawn to the squawking seagulls that eyed every bread crumb and the bobbing wooden gondolas filled with leather-brown tanned tourists. Let not those plump and wonderful, food-nabbing seagulls deceive you. They could be violent and aggressive at times.

Venice is truly an incredible destination and a tourist hotspot, commonly known as the ‘City of bridges’ and the Floating City. It is the jewel of the Adriatic Sea and the heart of Italy. Built on 100 islands and connected by approximately 400 bridges, this city of canals is genuinely spectacular and priceless. However, the implications of global warming can lead to major climatic concerns. If not addressed, the City of Canal with the Byzantine backdrops would be soon be immersed in water. Moreover, over-tourism is also a matter of concern.

The Narrow Canals in Venice
The Narrow Canals in Venice

The Venetian boats, contemporary water taxis, horde of tourists and unappeasable sellers are familiar sights. And, this romantic destination has a rich history, artistic legacy, thriving culture, ancient heritage and architectural design. So, it was pretty interesting to see the picturesque scenery with nut-brown tanned tourists exploring the hidden alleys, birdwatchers observing the squabbling seagulls, and globe-trotters photographing time-worn buildings and historical landmarks.

The ‘Storico a Carlo Goldoni’                  monument in Venice

The Storico a Carlo Goldoni monument attracted many visitors because it occupies a convenient location and is lined by high-end retail stores, making mingling and socialising even better. Carlo Goldoni was a famous Italian playwright whose plays consisted of the authentic Venetian language. His plays appealed to the people, and his most popular comic book was Servant of Two Masters.

What concerns me is the drastic changes in the climate, which might cause the city to sink. Several buildings looked derelict and abandoned because the water levels had risen significantly. Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of time when the City of Water is submerged in water.

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