Paderborn- A German Mysticism

A few places move you. A few destinations leave a deep imprint on your soul. Paderborn is that one city. It evokes a sense of mysticism with its winding turquoise river, plip-plopping fishes, paradise-green native plants and three-Hares-Motif. It’s a heaven’s hideaway in the district of North Rhine-Westphalia. The town derives its name from a 4km long river, i.e., Germany’s shortest river, the Pader River, which burbles and coils through the ancient buildings and medieval homes. It is believed that the Holy Roman Empire began from Paderborn when two saints met to form a nation called ‘Germany’ in 799.

The Rathaus Paderborn (City Council)

The pristine gardens and manicured oasis makes it an ideal destination to unwind and socialise with friends. Blending the past with the present and future, this ecclesiastical city is revered by historians, writers, artists and young people. Despite tracing its history to 1200 years ago, this city is energetic, dynamic and exudes an urban vibe. The Universität Paderborn attracts a young crowd, and the Paderborner Dom is one of the most famous cathedrals in Germany. The people from Paderborn are thought to be religious because of the countless churches present here.

The Pader River
Beautiful swans in the Pader River


A Paddling duck in the Pader River

The ancient wooden waterwheel, gliding swans, sloshing trouts, paddling ducks, and fluttering butterflies are familiar sights. The Jade-green chestnut trees that line the stream resemble the nectar of gods. It’s a picturesque universe with feng shui beauty. The crystal clear water allows you to see the mossy rocks, darting fishes and minuscule pebbles that lie underneath.

The Three-Hares-Motif is a common motif that symbolises fertility, the resurrection of Jesus and the Easter Bunny. Don’t be surprised if you see them everywhere and anywhere in the city. It’s an art that portrays three rabbits sharing three ears, but despite that, they all still have two ears. The window in the Paderborn Cathedral has a sculpture of the Three-Hare motif. It originates from this window – (drei hasen fenster).¬†

A beautiful mural in Paderborn



A contemporary mural








With modern art and contemporary murals, the city is being transformed to reflect its artistic vibe. Just a short walk from the Hauptbahnhof (Main station), you’ll get to see several beautiful murals and paintings. These artworks profoundly juxtapose with the line of medieval homes in the vicinity. On a bleak winter night when the vicinity is covered in pearlescent snow, it’s these colourful portraits and contemporary murals that bring joy and simple pleasures.

The Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum
The Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum

Heinz Nixdorf was a venerated German businessman who formed The Heinz Nixdorf Museums Forum, the most prominent computer museum globally. You must visit the museum if you are eager to learn about computers and IT. It attracts all the IT geeks and Computer Studies students from schools and universities. Apart from this, the Rathaus Paderborn, the Three Hares Window in Paderborn Cathedral and the Pader River are some attractions that you could visit. Lastly, the Libori festival is a nine-day cultural festival that attracts many people to the city. Funfairs, food stalls and the gathering of people are done to commemorate the Libori saint.

Medieval homes in Paderborn
The Paderborner Dom (Cathedral)
City Centre Paderborn


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