Writers’ Block? It’s OK!

Where did it go? The deep contemplations and many-splendour reflections? The light-bulb moments and soul-soothing narrations? Have you ever wondered who carved out those obscure minuscule apertures that aided the iridescent ideas to escape and evade? You wrestle with the mighty yet obstinate pen to write, to pour out your sentiments, but it refuses to budge, refuses to act as an outlet to the buried feelings. If generous enough, the prolific pen would permit a gentle stroke or an indecipherable scribble. That melodrama and theatre of confusion is writer’s block. It’s imminent and inescapable. It steers you into solitary ruminations, where diamond-studded chaos echoes and fairy dust emptiness whispers. Every writer encounters this beautiful, psychotic phenomenon, and luckily there are myriad ways to tackle it. The viable methods are:


  • Nature: Men and nature are intertwined. Their beauty enthrals us as they serve a balm to our souls. A casual stroll under the basking sun, sitting at a sandy beach or resting under a leafy paradise in a park will do wonders. 
  • Appreciate: Try to sit on a bench under a tree and listen to the sounds around you. Inspect every colour, capture the details and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Scribble the feelings evoked and imbibe the fragrances around. Cherish the love that lies within and be thankful for the small things. 
  •  Declutter: Follow the art of feng shui order and remove distractions, noise and clutter from your writing space. Instead, leave ample room for thoughts to flow. Declutter your mind from negative thoughts, your life from negative people, your soul from toxic relationships and the physical space from meaningless interactions. 
  • Connect: Socialise and spend time with loved ones, family members and people who inspire you and make you happy. Disconnect from pessimists and wet blankets from social gatherings. 
  • Read: Read books, articles and blogs as it opens up a new universe, a new dimension of learning, aspiring and achieving. Something will move you, inspire you and navigate your boat to the shore of victory. 


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