Auf Wiedersehen Dubai!

The Poetics of Place

There was an unsettling call from a distant land somewhere in the ochre dunes of Arabia that wrenched my heart and pulled me back to its soil. I returned only to kiss its scalding sun, tall skyscrapers, and summer breeze a long goodbye. It was a melancholy farewell and a heartfelt departing. Destiny summoned me to the land I adored the most, the land where I made friends and the land where I built poignant memories, only to say au revoir. It was many things to me, but most importantly, it was home to me.

A City that Never Sleeps

Dubai! The name says it all. It’s all together vibrant, splendid and ambitious. There are so many reasons to visit, stay and linger. From Expo 2020 to the T20 World Cup and from the Dubai International Film festival to the Dubai Fitness Challenge, all excited people from all over the world to come. The city inspires awe without fail. Even the abstract consideration of returning for a short visit is a gloried illusion that yields a genuine smile on my face. The city grew so beautifully in such a short time span, and most importantly, it elicits hope of a brighter future we all have.

Sense of Belonging

During my short visit, Dubai was festooned in bright, sparkling lights and a flock of excited tourists who couldn’t contain their happiness at seeing the Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest tower. They were even eager to visit their country’s pavilion at the Expo 2020, a national symbol of pride and identity. The complexity of human nature often intrigues me for we often search for meaning and a sense of identity, which we obtain from culture, traditions, beliefs, thinking and even games. The roar and thrill from the Dubai International Cricket Stadium with enthusiastic fans celebrating the victory of their national team was a scene to behold. Although there are myriad opportunities and growth prospects, I still have to leave. This time, it’s for good.

Burj Khalifa and a View that Never gets Old!

The Farewell

A million sun spears welcomed me as I stomped down the smooth asphalt to greet the city’s hustle and bustle and dynamism. Instead, however, the scorched-brown desert bid me a forlorn but hopeful farewell, for it believed that I would visit Dubai again sometime in the near future. From the curved pane of the plastic window, at high altitude amid the starless void, I caressed the parched throat of the Arabian desert and comforted its restless heart by placing my hand on its bosom.

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