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Stack of Forgotten Envelopes

Vexed letters, old as time, raw as poetry, beckoned me from the forgotten corner of the darkroom- a room that carried a patina of neglect. Their unobtrusive presence and accusing glare subjected me to blame for their unerringly wretched state. Their hatred was undeniably perceptible. And, their expressions noticeably grim. It’s highly plausible that the…

Stack of Forgotten Envelopes

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The Room with the Red Door

Beyond the red door, a surreal world awaited—a realm of a distant past and forgotten dreams. Millions of recollections stared back with a conspicuous and eerie silence. Hanging loosely in the air were gales of laughter from closely-stacked photos, analogue voices from cassette tapes, classical music from the vintage stereo gear and cold gusts of…

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An Old Polaroid Photo

There are times, most of the time, I wrestle with my conscious mind. I hold myself from looking at the polaroid photo trussed up against the fluorescent lights and a highly-polished rectangular mirror. I knowingly look away from the picture of a noble sage. The wise man. My man. The man with a warm Caribbean…

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The Fluid Mind

Our arcane planet, our ancestral home, the spherical mystery, in the magnificent macrocosm cradles abstract places that narrate the stories of a lifetime. These figmental towns and concocted tales survived droughts and calamities to walk the earth with peculiar yet conventional pride. Crawling like a whisper through the epoch of time, these stories inspired the denizens of…

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